Chapter 3: Instructions for Completing ROW-E-49

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Section 1: Overview

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If no entry is applicable under a section, insert the abbreviation N/A (Not Applicable), and explain why no entry is applicable. The explanation should avoid wrong assumptions and unnecessary questions.

Complete the entire form.

In subsections II and III, include pertinent information found on:

  • the Form ROW-N-71, Owner Title Policy Commitment or
  • Form ROW-N-ACA, Attorney's Certificate "A", Form ROW-N-ACB, Form ROW-N-ACC, Form ROW-N-ACD , or Form ROW-N-ACE, Attorney's Certificates and
  • additional property interests (or apparent property interests) discovered during negotiation, appraisal, or inspection of the property. Address every title matter listed on the title company's Title Commitment in some manner on Form ROW-E-49.

Accurately show information required at the top of Page 1 (e.g., information on the County, Interstate Highway designation, Project Limits, Federal Project Number, CSJ Number, Account Number and Parcel Number) to assure proper identification of the property interest being acquired. Project Limits are limits of the ROW Project and are not the limits of the Construction Project.

For additional information in completing this form, refer to the Eminent Domain Guide, ROW-E-49 Checklist, In Submitting a ROW-E-49.

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