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Section 2: Payment of Commissioners' Awards

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Submit payment requests for commissioners' awards to The email subject line should include the ROW CSJ #, parcel #, and type of payment request.

Supporting documentation to include with commissioners' award payment request:

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  • form ROW-A-15 Payment Request, signed by authorized TxDOT employee;
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  • filemarked copy of Award of Special Commissioner or one signed by the judge;
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  • title policy commitment (current within 90 days of the effective date).

When the commissioners' award includes parcels which are under the same ownership and are not abutting, include separate title policy commitments for each such parcel or in TxDOT's transmittal, and set out that separate title policies will be issued for each parcel included in the award.

Perform the following steps:

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  • Prepare the Notice of Deposit after receiving the warrant for payment of the award.
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  • Promptly deliver the warrant to the clerk of the court for deposit into the registry of the court.
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  • Obtain and keep the clerk's receipt showing the date of deposit into the registry of the court.
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  • Forward a copy of this receipt to the ROW Program Office to document the date possession is taken by the State.
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  • To avoid unnecessary payment of interest when no objections are filed to the award, deposit the State's warrant into the registry of the court before, or no later than, the time that the Judgment in Absence of Objections is signed by the judge of the court.
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