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Section 10: Section IX of Form ROW-E-49

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Attached Documents

  • Check only the items attached.
  • Attach copies of and check the box for:
    • ROW agent's negotiation reports;
    • review appraiser and relocation agent's contact logs; and
    • other correspondence with the owner.

These items may be useful to the Assistant Attorney General (AAG) handling the case since the items may inform the attorney of

  • problems found, and
  • added documentation of "good faith" negotiations.

If the department wants the ROW program office in Austin to address specific concerns, attach related documents such as:�

  • leases;
  • instruments creating easements;
  • partnership agreements;
  • deeds;
  • restrictive covenants; or
  • liens.

When available, provide:

  • photographs of the general neighborhood and subject property;
  • parcel plats or property descriptions showing dimensions of the taking and improvement; locations relative to the proposed ROW line; and
  • other similar documents not included in the appraisal.
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