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Section 11: Section X of Form ROW-E-49

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In this section of the form, include (with continuation on attachment, if necessary) the following:

  • Appropriate remarks or comments not previously stated.
  • Note that title history of a property interest may have a material affect on the property interest's market value and serve as a source of information to use for cross-examination purposes. Examples of title history include:
    • restrictive covenants of record;
    • discrepancies, conflicts or shortages in boundary lines or area;
    • encroachments or overlapping of improvements.
  • Information on potential and existing problems.
  • Explanations on discovered inconsistencies in information.
  • A review of any restrictive covenants to determine (1) whether any reverter provisions exist and (2) whether any easements or liens are created. If reverter provisions exist, discuss them.
  • Relocation Assistance (yes or no)
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