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Section 4: Submission for Reimbursement Following Partial Reimbursement on the Commissioners' Award

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When final judgment is given on a parcel where reimbursement was made based upon 80% of the State's participation of the Commissioners' Award, prepare the final reimbursement request like a single reimbursement request based completely on the final judgment, except indicate that only the difference between 80% of the State's participation of the Commissioners' Award and final judgment (along with other eligible eminent domain costs not submitted in the previous reimbursement) is included in the tabulation. Form ROW-N-20AB, Tabulation of Cost & Request for Reimbursement must contain a reference to the previous reimbursement.

The department must prepare and attach one copy of Form ROW-N-20C, Region Check Sheet to Support Reimbursement on Condemned Parcel.

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