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Section 3: Submissions for Partial Reimbursement Based on 80% of the State's Participation Amount of the Commissioners' Award

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Where objections have been filed to an award, an LPA may request reimbursement based on 80% of the State's participation of the Commissioners' Award and 100% of all other eligible eminent domain costs paid up to that date. Prepare the request like requests for reimbursement based on the final judgment. This tabulation must indicate that only 80% of the State's participation of the award is used to complete the gross cost shown in Column 2 of Form ROW-N-20AB.

LPA reimbursement requests like this must be accompanied by one certified copy of the Commissioners' Award supported by either:

  • a title policy commitment in the name of the State, or
  • an Attorney's Certificate executed by the District's attorney.

If costs have been adjudged against the city or State, either:

  • send one copy of the court clerk's statement or bill of cost to support the court officer's fees in the billing, or
  • itemize the charges on the Breakdown of Costs.

The department must complete and attach one copy of Form ROW-N-20C, Region Check Sheet to Support Reimbursement on Condemned Parcel.

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