Chapter 6: Aviation Surveying

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Section 1: Roles and Responsibilities

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Fee Simple Parcels and Avigation Easements on Texas Airport Improvement Projects

Land surveys needed for the acquisition of easements and fee simple property in conjunction with airport improvement projects should be in accordance with the following guidelines.

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Aviation Division’s Role

  • Set up meeting with district personnel to review all pertinent information needed to create an extension to existing runway.
  • Supply all pertinent information needed for the improvement project, showing the proposed areas to be acquired, easements, and/or fee simple parcels.
  • Answer questions that arise during the surveying process.
  • Supply runway end elevation, latitude, and longitude if available.
  • Provide preliminary title commitment information with deeds of parent tract.
  • Provide Right-of-Entry Permission forms from the property owner(s) involved.
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TxDOT District’s Role

  • Prepare and provide an executed work order with the surveyor to the Aviation Division.
  • Oversee survey work for the Aviation Division.
  • Supply surveyor with any needed information and/or guidance.
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Services to be Provided by Surveyor

  • Tie latitude and longitude, if available, to NAD 83 Datum.
  • Use equipment capable of meeting or exceeding the accuracy standards in the current TSPS “ Manual of Practice for Land Surveying in Texas,” in addition to the normally required devices for surveying.
  • Prepare all parcel surveys to conform to Category 1A, Condition IV (Rural), suitable for title insurance.
  • Create work roll for field crew and office technicians to begin analysis.
  • Tie surveys into the appropriate runway end.
  • Set monuments for all parcels and easements on the ground (legal descriptions/sketches will reference the monuments set or found to conform to Category 1A suitable for title insurance).
  • Include extended centerline of runway with elevations at grade breaks and every 100-foot station on profiles (as shown on attached examples).
  • Show Plan & Profiles on survey sketch for avigation easements (see examples: Figure 6-1 and the Sample Format Legal Description in Section 2), with heights of trees, natural ground and proposed height limits of easements.
  • Determine mean sea level elevations for the avigation easement imaginary plane and shown on the plat in plan and profile view for each avigation easement parcel.
  • Show the size of any remainder tract created when surveying a partial acquisition.
    • This area may be calculated using deed information and the actual field data.
    • An additional sketch will depict the physical relationship of the partial acquisition to the parent tract.
  • Use a scale that will allow presentation on an 8 ½” x 14” paper, unless another size is required for legibility.
    • There must be mutual agreement prior to using a larger paper size.
  • Furnish four (4) original certified field note descriptions and sketches for each parcel and easement, along with one (1) copy of a traverse closure sheet for each.
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Legal Descriptions of Survey Sketches

See examples for legal descriptions of survey sketches of avigation easements and easement forms in the next section.

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