Chapter 1: Introduction

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Section 1: General Information Overview

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Manual Use

This manual is primarily intended to be accessed online. The online version takes precedence over printed copies, changes, updates, and edits. However, paper copies may be used in the field. Copies should be checked against the online manual version for currency date to insure the latest information. Caution should be taken not to rely entirely on the printed version due to ongoing updates and/or changes.

Some information in this manual is excerpted and/or adapted from other sources, both online and standard text. Users should be aware that information found in this manual may change at the source and therefore should check the sources provided to insure use of the most current information.

The TxDOT Survey Manual is intended to provide guidance for planning, executing, and classifying surveys for both TxDOT employees and contractors.

The TxDOT Survey Manual contains information governing the operational standards used by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). These standards are the policies and guidelines set forth by TxDOT regarding surveying processes and procedures.

Section 2 of this chapter presents all chapter descriptions.

Information security laws and standards govern the information presented within this manual. Please refer to the TxDOT Information Security Manual for specific security information.

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Documentation of Authority

The following documents authorize the TxDOT Survey Manual and the activities it covers:

  • TxDOT Directive 5-92, TxDOT Manual System
  • Executive Order 1-89, Policy and Procedure Communication
  • TxDOT Policy Statement 2-26, Information Security
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Laws and Standards

The TxDOT Survey Manual provides the information that TxDOT survey resource users need to comply with applicable legal and policy requirements. Based on federal and state laws, state standards and agency policy, this manual draws upon the following:

  • Texas Government Code, Section 2203.004, Requirement to Use State Property for State Purposes
  • Texas Government Code, Section 403.275, Liability for Property Loss.
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Administrative Documents

This manual draws upon information contained in the following memos and administrative announcements:

  • TxDOT Memorandum, Surveying Operations, Charles W. Heald, March 28, 2000
  • TxDOT Administrative Announcement, Professional Land Surveying, Byron C. Blaschke, P.E., September 28, 1990
  • TxDOT Memorandum, Survey Datum Designated for Use Within TxDOT, Charles W. Heald, December 7, 1998
  • TxDOT Memorandum, TxDOT Surveying Procedures, William Burnett, July 21, 1995.
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