Manual Notice: 2016-1

From: Gus Cannon, CTCM, Right of Way Division Director

Manual: TxDOT Survey Manual

Effective Date: April 01, 2016


To communicate changes and additions to TxDOT’s surveying procedures, as well as provide general reference for surveying procedures performed by and for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

The further intent of this manual is to incorporate changes in technology and the evolution of surveying methodologies and policies at TxDOT. This manual is for use by TxDOT employees, TxDOT contractors and consultants.


This manual provides information on the use of surveying technology to perform surveys at the state and district level, including small-scale mapping projects.

This manual also incorporates appropriate reference material for surveying as well as the laws, rules, and regulations adopted by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying (TBPLS) to ensure TxDOT’s compliance with all applicable laws.

Specific Changes

Chapter 3, Preliminary Surveying

  • Re-numbered figures & tables and updated links throughout the chapter.
  • Updated Section 4, Photogrammetry to allow the use of airborne GPS to reduce the amount of ground control for aerial mapping projects.


Users are encouraged to print this manual double-sided from the PDF. To ensure manual currency, check the publishing date of printed manuals against the manual found on the TxDOT Online Manuals System website.


Please address your comments, concerns, or questions regarding this manual’s information policies, guidelines, procedures, and practices to the TxDOT Committee on Geomatics & Surveying (COGS).


Past manual notices are available from a pdf archive.

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