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Section 2: Manual Organization

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Organization of Chapters

Chapters 2-7 are similar in organization and address a general aspect of surveying and related information. Each chapter has:

  • numbered sections for major topics
  • unnumbered subsections describing concepts and policies relevant to the section topic.

Some chapters also contain procedures and directions for successfully completing tasks related to the section topic.

Subsequent sections are numbered sequentially within each chapter and contain related information associated with the chapter topic. Each chapter’s title describes its content.

Subsections contain detailed information that describes concepts, policies, standards, and procedures related to the section topic. Concepts and policies a user needs to know for successfully complete a procedure are presented before the procedure; some procedures are presented in tables with (step/action) directions for completing a task.

This manual is designed to be published and accessed electronically. The manual is divided into an introductory chapter and chapters that address specific surveying topics.

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Chapter 1

Identifies and provides manual information and organization. Identifies the authorities, laws and standards that govern the manual. Provides the manual purpose, acknowledgements, and background.

Chapters 2 – 7

Provide TxDOT survey policies and procedures

Appendix A


Appendix B

Second Term Calculations

Appendix C


Appendix D



Lists of figures, tables, and specific terms within chapters.

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Chapter Descriptions

Chapter descriptions are provided for a quick overview of information contained in each chapter.

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Chapter 2, General Surveying Procedures

Chapter 2. General surveying procedures and standards, as well as an introduction to surveying is presented in this chapter. Some of the standards and requirements contained and described in this manual are more comprehensive than others found elsewhere. These standards provide a means by which competency may be readily distinguished in the land surveying profession. Accuracy is a prime consideration in surveying and is stressed in this chapter.

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Chapter 3, Preliminary Surveying

Chapter 3. This chapter provides information on the many types of surveying and procedures. Detailed information is provided for each survey type. Tables are also included in this chapter to further describe and explain specific information regarding preliminary surveying.

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Chapter 4, Design Surveying

Chapter 4 discusses the descriptions and definitions for the types of surveys. It provides detailed information on TxDOT deliverables and differential leveling.

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Chapter 5, Right of Way Surveying

Chapter 5 provides the phases of a boundary survey, the rules, and information pertaining to this type of survey is discussed. Instructions for fieldwork are presented, as well as checklists for further accuracy. Right of Way mapping requirements and map components are discussed in detail.

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Chapter 6, Aviation Surveying

Chapter 6 discusses the roles and responsibilities of the various entities and individuals involved in aviation surveying. Additionally, aviation easements are presented along with samples for further explanation.

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Chapter 7, Construction Surveying

Chapter 7 provides detailed information on survey checks and checklists suggestions. This chapter discusses the types of survey categories involved in construction surveying.

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Appendix A, References

Appendix A, References - contains the references for information used in this manual.

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Appendix B, Second Term Calculations

Appendix B, Second Term Calculations - contains information from the C&GS Special Publication 252. It contains plane coordinate projection tables: Texas (Lambert) by C&GS, January 1950.

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Appendix C, Monumentation

Appendix C, Monumentation - contains information on TxDOT-approved methods of setting monuments in various soil conditions; the methods and illustrations of specific marker disks for each condition.

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Appendix D, Glossary

Appendix D, Glossary - contains definitions for terms used in this manual.

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The index lists figures, tables, and specific terms.

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