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Section 3: Manual Overview

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Purpose of the TxDOT Survey Manual

This manual is intended to be a general reference for surveying procedures performed by and for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). This manual is not a step-by-step instruction manual or a surveying textbook. The purpose of its publication is to establish minimum standards, policies, and procedures of surveying for TxDOT. The manual incorporates appropriate reference material for surveying as well as the rules adopted by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveyors (TBPLS).

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Manual Creation

The members of the Standing Committee on Surveying (SCOS) created the TxDOT Survey Manual. SCOS members were appointed to ensure department-wide compliance with all applicable laws, to serve as a liaison between TxDOT and the TBPLS, and to develop a set of procedures to be followed by TxDOT employees, contractors, and consultants performing surveys for TxDOT. As part of the SCOS charter, its members have developed this current TxDOT Survey Manual to incorporate changes in technology and the evolution of surveying methodology and policies at TxDOT. This manual will be updated as necessary.

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The Standing Committee on Surveying (SCOS) would like to thank the following agencies for allowing their publications or portions of their publications to appear in this manual: Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying, and the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors.

The Standing Committee on Surveying would also like to thank the following Texas Department of Transportation Divisions for their contributions to this manual: Aviation Division, Right of Way Division, Technology Services Division, and General Services Division.

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How to Get Help

The district survey coordinators are available to answer questions and discuss procedures and specifications outlined in this manual. Additionally, the Technology Services Division provides a helpdesk number, which offers survey help from the Automated Survey Support Unit. Users may access the helpdesk by calling (512) 302-2350, press 3 for engineering support, and then 4 for surveying support.

If there is a need for updates or corrections, please notify the district survey coordinator. TxDOT employees will also be able to find contact information for an area SCOS representative on the Crossroads site under the miscellaneous link, “ TxDOT Surveying and Mapping.”

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