Chapter 5: Right of Way Surveying

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Section 1: Overview

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Boundary Survey

A property survey is a survey performed to determine the length and direction of boundaries, and to establish or retrace the position of these lines on the ground. The purpose of a property survey is not only to determine the metes and bounds, but most importantly, any conflict in ownership or existing rights of others that affect the ownership of the land.

TxDOT uses property surveys to acquire rights of way, easements, real property for facilities, and lease sites. The property survey is the basis for appraisal and offers to purchase land. The property survey is the basis for taking by eminent domain in the event of condemnation.

The majority of TxDOT survey projects will be corridor surveys. These may be limited to surveys of a small extent located inside one or two parent tracts, or they may encompass project limits many miles in length. One project can contain urban, industrial, suburban, and rural properties.

Farmland, pasture, industrial parks, railroads, irrigation canals, rivers, and central business districts can all be crossed in the course of a transportation route survey. The function of the TxDOT surveyor is to provide professional land surveys that are legally defensible and managed in an efficient manner.

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