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Section 4: Standing Committee on Surveying

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Committee Background and Members

The Standing Committee on Surveying (SCOS) was formed from the Metric Surveying Subcommittee, which was created to prepare a surveying guide for metric surveying. The members of the original Metric Surveying Subcommittee were as follows:

Paul W. Maples, RPLS, Chairman, Jack L. Housworth, Jr., RPLS, Charles W. “Sonny” Joseph, RPLS, Franklin C. McCumber, RPLS, Clyde “Roger” Wheat, RPLS, Max A. Farriss, P.E., RPLS, Bobby Benavidez, Charles Davis, Richard Ferguson, Joe Grimes, Cecil Jenkins, Randall Kircher, James Woods.

The current and past members of the Standing Committee on Surveying responsible for this release of the manual are:

Judy B. Skeen, P.E. (Sponsor), W. J. (Joe) Breaux, RPLS (BMT), Mark Caldwell, RPLS (ATL), Jesse Cooper, RPLS (ROW), Jonathon Cox, RPLS (DAL), John Pierce, RPLS (TSPS Liaison), Marcella (Marcy) Saenz, P.E. (DES), Steve Schmidt, CST (TSD), Ivor Walker, RPLS (HOU), James Woods, RPLS (CRP), John Wallis, RPLS (ODA), Darryl Zercher, RPLS (TSD), Randal Kircher, RPLS (CRP), Mike Robbins, RPLS (AMA), Mark Eder (DAL), Brent Hillebrenner, P.E. (DES).

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Link to SCOS Information

A link for information concerning the Standing Committee on Surveying (SCOS) is on TxDOT’s intranet home page. This link should be used for current membership rosters of the SCOS and updated information about on-line editions of the TxDOT Survey Manual and the TxDOT Annual Surveyors’ Conference.

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SCOS Charter

The roles and missions of the SCOS are to:

  • recommend direction for TxDOT survey operations
  • maintain the TxDOT Survey Manual recommend standard field procedures and associated field tolerances
  • recommend standard business practices for TxDOT surveying operations
  • provide assistance and support to district / division surveying personnel on technical and contractual issues
  • provide assistance to the Technology Services Division (TSD) in the development and implementation of data collection hardware and software
  • provide assistance to the Technology Services Division and General Services Division (GSD) in the development of standard specifications for the procurement of surveying hardware
  • provide assistance to the Right of Way (ROW) Division on professional land surveying issues
  • provide assistance to the Design Division on engineering surveying for design
  • serve as TxDOT liaison to the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying (TBPLS) on TxDOT surveying policy and practices.
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Committee Makeup

  • 5 Member seats from districts
  • 1 Standing seat from ROW, appointed by the director, Right of Way Division
  • 1 Standing seat from TSD, appointed by the director, Technology Services Division
  • 1 Standing seat (Ex-officio) from DES, appointed by the director, Design Division.
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Membership Terms

  • regular terms are five years in length
  • regular terms begin and end at the SCOS Annual Workshop (in the spring of the year)
  • unexpired terms may be completed by a new member
  • members may serve more than one, non-consecutive term
  • membership should be comprised of both Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) and non-RPLS members
  • members are recommended by the committee membership, with statewide geographic representation desired. Respective district engineers approve members who are confirmed by TxDOT’s deputy executive director.
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Leadership / Administration

  • The director, Technology Services Division sponsors the SCOS committee.
  • A chairperson, appointed by a majority vote of the committee membership, leads the committee.
    • The committee chairperson is responsible for scheduling committee meetings and developing the associated agendas.
    • The committee chairperson may serve in this capacity for more than one consecutive year.
  • Meetings are conducted on a quarterly basis, or more frequently if needed.
  • Meeting summaries are developed to document the business conducted and assignments made during committee meetings.
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