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Section 2: Handbook Information

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Purpose of Handbook

The main purposes of this handbook are to:

  • provide design personnel with information that will help them improve the statewide consistency and effectiveness of freeway signing layout and placement
  • provide freeway guide signing that will help road users find their way in a more effective and efficient manner
  • address guide signing situations that are not covered in the Texas MUTCD or other TxDOT documents.

This handbook is intended for application primarily on urban freeway facilities. Some portions of the handbook also apply to freeway signing in rural areas.

Although this handbook illustrates the use and placement of regulatory, warning, and guide signs, it does not establish any warrants or standards for the selection and placement of regulatory, warning, and guide signs.

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Status of Handbook

This handbook presents information as guidance for use by design personnel. This handbook does not establish any standards, specifications, or regulations. This handbook carries no legal authority.

In some cases, the information presented in this handbook exceeds the minimum guidelines contained in the Texas MUTCD or other TxDOT documents. This handbook does not supercede or modify the minimum guidelines contained in other TxDOT documents. In situations where the guidelines presented in this handbook cannot be satisfied, designers should try to meet the minimum guidelines contained in other TxDOT documents.

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Application of Handbook Guidelines

This handbook is intended to assist designers in the design and placement of freeway signing. It does not establish criteria or warrants for the use of any sign shown in the handbook.

Most of the situations presented in this handbook are intended to represent common situations or provide guidance for the installation of new signs. In some cases, designers may need to install signing that is not consistent with the guidelines in this handbook.

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Handbook Content

This handbook describes various aspects of freeway signing, with an emphasis on the design elements of freeway guide signs. The chapters of this handbook address the topics described in the following table.

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The handbook and its relation to other freeway signing documents.


The basic principles of freeway signing.


Appropriate use of different types of freeway signs, with the focus on the application of freeway signs.


The design (or layout) of Exit Direction and Advance Guide signs. It focuses on the spacing relationships between various elements of a freeway sign legend.


The placement of freeway Advance Guide and Exit Direction signs approaching roadway interchanges and freeway-to-freeway interchanges.


Signing for freeway frontage roads.

This handbook addresses the following types of signs used on freeways and frontage roads:

  • interchange exit signing
  • entrance ramp signing from frontage road
  • exit ramp signing to frontage road
  • frontage road signing at intersections.
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