Chapter 1: Introduction

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Section 1: Overview

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The Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (Texas MUTCD) establishes the basic guidelines for the design and placement of freeway guide signing and frontage road signing. However, the Texas MUTCD permits variation in the design and placement of these signs. TxDOT staff have often had to make independent decisions on the best layout and placement of these signs, leading to variations from one area of the state to another. This Freeway Signing Handbook is intended to provide TxDOT staff and design consultants with information beyond that contained in the Texas MUTCD or the TxDOT Traffic Control Standard Sheets so freeway signing can be designed and installed in a more uniform manner. This handbook is intended for use by TxDOT designers and consultants and emphasizes the use of figures to explain various design issues.

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Chapter Overview

This chapter describes the different parts of the handbook and how it relates to TxDOT freeway signing activities. The chapter also includes additional information about the scope of the handbook and its relation to existing freeway signing documents.

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