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Section 4: Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs (White on Brown)

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Recreational and cultural interests are attractions or traffic generators that are open to the general public for the purpose of play, amusement, or relaxation. Where recreational and cultural-interest areas are a significant destination on a numbered highway route, special signs may be posted for such areas (see Figure 3-14 for example). These signs may be used on freeways where there is direct access to these areas.

Recreational Area guide signs. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i1001298

Figure 3-14. Recreational Area guide signs.

Recreational and Cultural Interest Area signs are addressed in Chapter 2H of the Texas MUTCD.

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Design and Application

White-on-brown Supplemental guide signs may be used to direct users to recreational or cultural interest areas.

When a recreational or cultural interest destination is paired with a city or street destination the sign shall be white on green.

Letter style and minimum letter-numeral sizes should be consistent with standard white-on-green Advance Guide, Exit Direction, and supplemental signs.

The background color of the Interchange Exit Number panel must match the background color of the guide sign. A brown panel should not be included within the border of a green or blue sign.

All Exit Gore signs must remain white on green.

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