Chapter 3: Field Operations


Section 1: Drilling

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Consider the following items before starting core drill operations:

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Ensure that permission to enter private property has been secured before drilling.

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Utility Clearance

Clear all locations proposed for drilling for utilities before the core drill team arrives. When utilities are present, ensure their exact locations are clearly marked by the utility company.

Call 1-800-545-6005 for utility clearance. Calls to this number automatically rotate to the three notification centers. Obtain utility clearance at least 48 hours and no more than 14 days before starting core drilling. You may contact the three notification centers directly as follows:

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Traffic Control

Provide traffic control in accordance with Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

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Drill Hole Filling

Fill or plug drill holes to prevent injury to livestock or people in the area and to minimize the entry of surface water into the bore hole. If surface contamination of lower aquifers or cross contamination is a concern, backfill the hole with bentonite pellets or grout. This is especially important in urban areas where ground contamination from leaking underground storage tanks is common.

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