Manual Notice: 2018-1

From: Gregg A. Freeby, P.E., Director, Bridge Division

Manual: Geotechnical Manual

Effective Date: March 01, 2018



This manual provides guidance to districts in geotechnical investigation and design for project development.



The revisions contained in each chapter of this version are to clarify the policy and high-level procedures published in 2012. Generally, revisions to the manual were to:

    Anchor: #UGSGCSLH
  • update information in Chapter 3 regarding Standard Penetration Testing design methodologies;
  • Anchor: #XUCOVNWJ
  • make minor editorial changes to Chapter 4;
  • Anchor: #OTCPCRVG
  • make editorial changes to the design requirements for various retaining walls in Chapter 6; and
  • Anchor: #WBMKCFTS
  • provide clarification on the infinite slope analysis in Chapter 7.

Chapter 5 underwent significant revisions and updates, which include:

    Anchor: #FFHDVYEV
  • adding an upper limit to the skin friction and point bearing graphs for Texas Cone Penetration values harder than 100 blows/12 inches;
  • Anchor: #NWRYVOXI
  • updating the maximum allowable service load table for drilled shafts to include larger diameters;
  • Anchor: #TCYATPEK
  • adding new sections on drilled shaft reinforcement, drilled shaft integrity testing, dynamic monitoring, and foundation load testing;
  • Anchor: #YWFNJRLQ
  • clarifications to the layout notes for drilled shafts;
  • Anchor: #KCNUBTKY
  • updating the scour section to include new bridges with known foundations, existing bridges with known foundations, existing bridges with unknown foundations, bridge class culverts, and scour critical bridges; and
  • Anchor: #NPUICHTI
  • adding a new section on stone protection at bridges.


The revised manual supersedes prior versions of the manual.



For more information about any portion of this manual, please contact the TxDOT Bridge Division.



Past manual notices are available in a PDF archive.

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