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A gage is a standard measurement of the thickness of metal sheets or wire (and bearing a relation to the weight of the metal). Also a term for the distance measured between rSailroad rails; (standard is 4 ft. 8½ in.).
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gap analysis
Gap analysis is an analysis and comparison of the desired information systems components (data, applications, technology) which are part of the current information systems inventory. The gap analysis defines desired information systems components that are new or replace/enhance existing components.
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gap filler segment
A gap filler segment is a designated highway section adjoining two route segments which already exist in the TRM Highway Data File, creating a continuous route flow.
Texas Reference Marker (TRM) System User's Manual
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A gateway is a network point that acts as an entrance to another network. Gateways can translate between different operating platforms to allow connectivity.
Information Security Manual
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General ledger accounts
The general ledger accounts are accounting structures of the department, based on a series of accounts which comprise the General Ledger, and constitute the official financial record of the department.
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General Notes
General Notes are documents that provide information to supplement specifications. These documents are found in the proposal and plans.
Maintenance Contract Manual
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general purpose weights
General purpose weights are weights meeting the requirements in the “Maintenance Tolerances for General Purposes Weights’ table of Test method “Tex-900-K, Calibrating and Certifying Weights.” These weights are also known as ASTM Class 6 weights. They are used as counter weights in general purpose balances and to calibrate scales to commercial tolerances. Most chrome plated, brass and cast iron weights are general purpose weights.
Manual of Testing Procedures
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General Services Division
The General Services Division purchases, distributes and maintains equipment, materials, services, and facilities for the department. It also monitors the recycling program.
Inside TxDOT
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General Transportation Planning Fund
The General Transportation Planning Fund is a subcategory of FHWA metropolitan transportation planning funds, or PL funds, and is used for special projects. Its source is from individual MPOs whose unobligated balance and new allocation exceed the maximum of two years of allocation. The excess unobligated balance is transferred to the GTPF.
Transportation Planning and Programming Collection
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  1. A generator is an entity or person whose activities produce used oil filters. TxDOT is a generator because of the used oil filters removed from equipment.
  2. Equipment Manual
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  3. A generator is an entity, except a scrap tire energy recovery facility and a scrap tire recycling facility, that is a fleet operator, is an automotive dismantler, or is a whole new or used tire retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, re-capper or re-treader. TxDOT is a generator because of the used and scrap tires removed from equipment and scrap or pieces of tires removed from highway right-of-way.
  4. Equipment Manual
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geodetic survey
A geodetic survey is performed upon the curved surface of the earth, and this curvature must be considered in computations.
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A geogrid is a synthetic planar structure formed by a regular network of tensile members with appropriate apertures to allow interlocking with surrounding soil or aggregate for the purpose of reinforcement and/or segregation.
Manual of Testing Procedures
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geometric design
A geometric design refers to the dimensions and elements of a highway or road.
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GEOPAK is a proprietary roadway design software designed and maintained by Beiswenger, Hock and Asc., Inc.
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A girder is a horizontal main structural member to a bridge that supports vertical loads.
Bridge Design Manual
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Global Positioning System
A GPS is based on a constellation of twenty-four (24) satellites orbiting the earth at a very high altitude.
GPS User’s Manual
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good faith effort
Good faith effort is a how a provider must demonstrate to the department’s satisfaction that sufficient effort on its part was made to obtain DBE/HUB participation. Good faith effort is identified in the DBE/HUB Special Provision to the contract.
Engineering Architectural and Surveying Services Manual
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good used tire
A good used tire is a used tire, not a recapped or retreated tire, that is suitable for continued use for its original purpose.
Equipment Manual
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GOTCHA! is an anonymous litter reporting program that allows observers to turn in people they see littering.
Litter Prevention Manual
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Government & Business Enterprise Division
The Government & Business Enterprise Division (GBE) serves as TxDOT's liaison to federal and state lawmakers, coordinating the department's work with the Texas Legislature, United States Congress and the Governor's office as well as the agency's participation in the state and federal legislative processes. In addition, GBE helps formulate transportation-related legislative policies, coordinates the department's internal legislative activities, oversees comments to the Federal and Texas Registers, and prepares department responses to external organizations as requested by the Commission and Administration. Source: Government & Business Enterprise Division
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Governor’s apportionment
The Governor’s apportionment is FTA Section 5307 funds that are apportioned to the governor of each state for distribution to urbanized areas with a population of less than 200,000.
Public Transportation Collection
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Governor’s Community Achievement Awards
The Governor’s Community Achievement Awards is an annual program to award $700,000 in landscape incentives to Texas communities in nine population categories. It is administered by Keep Texas Beautiful in conjunction with the Travel Division.
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Governor’s Division of Emergency Management
The Governor’s Division of Emergency Management administers the statewide comprehensive emergency management plan and keeps the Governor informed of emergency situations which might call for the use of state resources. The Governor, by executive order, appointed the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as director of the DEM. The director is also designated Chairman of the State Emergency Management Council. The State Emergency Management Council has been established to include representatives of each agency of state government whose legal functions relate to important phases of emergency management. The Council will advise and assist in all matters relating to disaster preparedness, emergency response, and disaster recovery. The Maintenance Division serves on the Emergency Management Council to coordinate the department’s overall emergency operations.
Maintenance Collection
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Gradation is the property of a soil which describes the distribution of size groups.
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  1. A grade is the slope of a roadway, channel, or natural ground.
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  3. A grade is any surface prepared for the support of construction such as that for paving or laying a conduit.
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grade controls
Grade controls are automatic controls on an asphalt pavement which compensate for grade variations. A grade control sensor transmits an electronic signal to either thicken or thin out the depth of the asphalt mat. The signals are based upon the grade control sensor resting on the pavement surface or on a stringline.
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grade line
A grade line is the slope in the longitudinal direction of the roadbed, usually expressed in percent, which is the number of units of change in elevation per 100 units horizontal distance.
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grade separation
A grade separations is the crossing of two highways or a highway and a railroad at different levels.
Bridge Project Development Manual
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  1. Grading means the preparation of a subgrade, in line and elevation, for application of pavement materials including base and surfacing materials.
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  3. Grading is any striping, cutting, filling, stockpiling, or combination thereof which modifies the land surface.
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Granite is an igneous rock consisting of quartz and alkali feldspars. NOTE: This definition has be approved by the Specification Committee.
Manual of Testing Procedures
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  1. A grant is an award of financial assistance to an eligible recipient.
  2. Contract Management Manual
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  3. A grant is the overall designation of a work effort containing one or more projects.
  4. Finance Division
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grant agreement
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  1. A grant agreement is the principal legal document binding two or more persons or parties whereby a fiscal grant is awarded by the grantee agency to a subgrantee in exchange for an expected activity to be performed.
  2. Traffic Safety
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  3. Grant agreement is the contract executed between the granting agency and the grantee after a grant application or proposal has been selected and approved for funding under a grant program.
  4. Contract Management Manual
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  5. A grant agreement is a legal instrument between an awarding agency and recipient where the principal purpose is to provide funds to the recipient to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by law.
  6. Transportation Planning and Programming Collection
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Granular refers to (the uniform size of) grains or crystals in rock.
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In computer security, granularity is an expression of the relative size of a data object; for example, protection at the file level is considered to be coarse granularity, whereas protection at the field level is considered to be of finer granularity.
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Graphics Interchange Format
Graphics Interchange Format is a very common graphics file format.
Information Security Manual
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graphical user interface
A graphical user interface is the way a computer work environment is presented. GUI usually indicates a windowed environment that allows the use of a mouse to effect changes.
An interface such as that provided by Microsoft’s Windows operating system that functions to allow a user community to gain access to available processing activities. This interface is usually characterized by resizeable windows, scroll bars, pushbuttons, etc. and operates in a graphics-based, bit-mapped fashion.
Information Security Manual
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A grate is a frame of parallel bars or a lattice of crossed ones usually set in the top of an inlet.
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Gravel consists of unconsolidated or loose detrital sediment (aggregate resulting from natural disintegration and abrasion of rock) with particle sizes passing the 76.2 mm (3 in.) sieve and retained on the 2.00 mm (No. 10) sieve. NOTE: This definition has been approved by the Specification Committee.
Manual of Testing Procedures
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Grayscale is a raster-based image composed of a maximum of shades of gray, ranging from pure black to pure white.
Communications Manual
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Great Texas Trash-Off
The Great Texas Trash-Off is a statewide litter pickup event held the first Saturday in April each year except when Easter is on the first weekend in April) in conjunction with the Adopt-A-Highway program and Keep Texas Beautiful.
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Grievance is a formal expression of dissatisfaction filed by an employee in an effort to resolve a specific concern of employment. A grievance may be about any work-related issue including differences with co-workers, supervisors or managers, harassment, unsatisfactory work environment, unsafe working conditions, alleged wrongdoing, or violation of policies or procedures, etc.
Human Resources Manual
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Grievant is an employee who files a formal grievance and submits it for consideration as required by department policy and procedures.
Human Resources Manual
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grip length
Grip Length is the region between the bearing face of a nut and the bolt head.
Manual of Testing Procedures.
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gross axle weight rating
Gross axle weight rating represents the value specified by the vehicle manufacturer as the load-carrying capacity of a single axle system, as measured at the tire-ground interface.
Equipment Manual
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gross combination weight rating
Gross combination weight rating represents the entire weight of a vehicle at the ground with a trailer or trailers including the vehicle, equipment, driver, fuel, and payload.
Equipment Manual
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gross monthly household income
The gross monthly household income is the total taxable and nontaxable income, including public assistance payments, pensions, disability and worker compensation payments insurance annuities, etc., but excluding the value of food stamps, of all persons residing in the household.
Right of Way Manual
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gross vehicle weight rating
Gross vehicle weight rating is the manufacturer’s maximum total vehicle weight, measured at the tire-ground interfaces, for which the vehicle possesses components adequately rated to safely carry. It includes the weight of the vehicle itself, fuel, other fluids, passengers, and all the cargo.
Equipment Manual
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ground cover
Ground cover is any vegetation producing material on or just above the soil surface. Including forestry, low-growing shrubs, vines, and herbaceous plants under the trees.
ground water table (or level)
Ground water table (or level) is the upper surface of the zone of saturation in permeable rock or soil. When the upper surface is confined by impermeable rock, the water table is absent.
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Applications programs which run on a network and enable groups of coworkers to interact collectively.
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Grout is a cement mortar or a watery mixture of fine sand or clay.
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Grubbing is the process of removing tree roots, stumps, and low-growing vegetation.
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guaranteed ride home
A guaranteed ride home means providing carpool and vanpool patrons a ride to home or to another destination in an emergency. The intent is to overcome one of the barriers to ridesharing - the need for a ride home, to school, day care or other locations in emergencies.
Public Transportation Collection
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guardian ad litem
A guardian ad litem is a court-appointed guardian who represents the interests of:
Right of Way Manual
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A guardrail is a traffic barrier used to shield potentially hazardous areas.
A guest is a TxDOT business partner or potential business partner.
Information Security Manual
guest account administrator
A guest account administrator is a TxDOT employee who has been granted the authority to create guest wireless network accounts for guests within their respective D/D/O/Rs.
Information Security Manual
guest wireless
A guest wireless network is a small section of an organization's computer network designed for use by visitors/temporary users. This subnetwork provides full Internet connectivity, but it also strictly limits access to any internal (intranet) Web sites or files.
Information Security Manual
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guide sign
A guide sign is used to direct traffic along a route, toward a destination, or to give information concerning places or points of interest.
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A guideline is a general direction to assist the department in the implementation and interpretation of standards, and to recommend effective security practices which should be implemented where such controls are applicable, as determined by departmental management.
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