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  1. A factor, also known as the design hour factor, which represents the proportion of Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) expected to occur in the design hour.
  2. K-Factors or Bias Factors are zone to zone bias factors other than travel time that are specific to an urban area that affect travel patterns. Also referred to as friction factors, K-factors are estimated based on a comparison of origin-destination surveyed zone to zone movements to the same zone to zone movements estimated using a gravity model.
  3. Traffic Data and Analysis Manual
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keep items
Keep items are documentation on a ROW project which is retained by the appropriate Office of Record.
ROW Utility Manual
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Keep Texas Beautiful
Keep Texas Beautiful is a grassroots beautification and education program that partners with the TxDOT Travel Division to accomplish litter prevention goals.
Litter Prevention Manual
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key official
Key official means the chief administrator of TxDOT.
Travel Manual
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Kilobits refers to kilobits per second. One kbps equals 1000 bits per second.
Information Security Manual
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A kilovolt-amp is a measure of apparent power. Equipment is rated in KVA when heat dissipation is a concern. Transformers are rated in KVA.

Highway Illumination Manual
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Kilowatt is a measure of real power. Generators, lamps, and heating elements are rated in watts or kilowatts.

(1KW = 1.34 horse power)
Highway Illumination Manual
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kinds of vouchers
Kinds of voucher is a numeric code used to identify the different kinds of cash vouchers, journal vouchers, and payrolls.
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A kip is a stress unit equal to 1,000 lbs.
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