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qualified information systems vendor
A qualified information systems vendor is a vendor whose catalogue of automated information systems products and services has been approved by the General Services Commission. A listing of approved catalogue vendors is available on the GSC web site.
Purchasing Manual
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qualified laboratories
Qualified laboratories are laboratories that are capable as defined by appropriate programs established by the SHA. As a minimum, the qualification program shall include provisions for checking testing equipment and the laboratory shall keep records of calibration checks.
Quality Assurance Program Manual
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qualified sampling and testing personnel
Qualified sampling and testing personnel are personnel who are capable as defined by appropriate programs established by the SHA.
Quality Assurance Program Manual
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qualified staff appraisers
Qualified staff appraisers are staff appraisers who, by virtue of their experience, training, and knowledge, are qualified to determine parcel values of $2,500 or less and to review fee appraiser reports and determine them to be sufficiently comprehensive to substantiate the recommended values with adequate explanations.
Right of Way Collection
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quality assurance
  1. Quality assurance is TxDOT’s management method of evaluating the consistency of aggregate products’ quality including the use of AQMP, Aggregate Quality Monitoring Program samples and test results and source inspection to monitor the quality, uniformity and acceptability of aggregates.
  2. Manual of Testing Procedures
  3. Quality assurance is defined as all those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality.
  4. Quality Assurance Program Manual
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quality control
Quality control is the producers’ management method of controlling and making adjustments to processing techniques of parent materials including the use of QC samples and tests and other available information to establish and maintain the specified quality of a product.
Quality control is defined as all contractor/vendor operational techniques and activities that are performed or conducted to fulfill the contract requirements.Quality Assurance Program Manual
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quality control plan
A quality control plan is an over-all system developed and used by a producer or supplier that ensures that a product will meet the specified quality standards.
Manual of Testing Procedures
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quantity sampled
Quantity sampled is the quantity of a specific material represented by a sample or samples obtained during a single sampling proceeding.
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A quarry is an open surface excavation of minerals or construction materials. NOTE: This definition was approved by the Specification Committee.
Manual of Testing Procedures
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