Manual Notice: 2018-1

From: Carlos Swonke, Division Director, Environmental Affairs Division

Manual: Hazardous Materials in Project Development Manual

Effective Date: September 01, 2018



This manual provides procedures and guidance regarding hazardous materials/waste issues as they relate to the development and execution of transportation projects in the areas of advanced planning, environmental documentation, right-of-way, design, and construction. The manual was revised and updated to:



This version includes the following revision and updates

Chapter 1 – Introduction

    Anchor: #OBECGYVH
  • Removed references to ENV's Pollution Prevention and Abatement (PPA) Branch and the Environmental Continuous Improvement team
  • Anchor: #GCMXUANY
  • Updated references to TxDOT specifications

Chapter 2 – Advanced Planning and Environmental Documentation

    Anchor: #DXJATPTQ
  • Replaced references to the Environmental Tracking System Database (ETS) with the Environmental Compliance Oversight System (ECOS)
  • Anchor: #NIAQUDMF
  • Removed the sub-section regarding Outside Guidance and Standard Practices
  • Anchor: #COVDELTT
  • Clarified the descriptions and uses of the three types of hazardous materials site assessment standards

Chapter 3 – Right-of-Way

    Anchor: #BQMDQDXW
  • Updated citations to TxDOT manuals
  • Anchor: #XPHJPYNY
  • Removed unnecessary content that is either covered by Right-of-Way Division manuals or not strictly under the purview of ENV's Environmental Resources Management Section

Chapter 4 – Design

Chapter 5 – Construction

    Anchor: #MDWBSXTC
  • Updated the major steps to follow when hazardous materials/waste are encountered during construction
  • Anchor: #MIWFGDBT
  • Updated citations to TxDOT Standard Specifications
  • Anchor: #CSLUKTNJ
  • Updated the notification and coordination steps during construction

Chapter 6 – Hazardous Materials Service Contracts

    Anchor: #IWDUTJXL
  • Added an introduction to contracts
  • Anchor: #YFBRCEVG
  • Added a subsection to describe division/district and ENV Responsibilities
  • Anchor: #XBPAAHGV
  • Removed unnecessary content that is not strictly under the purview of ENV's Environmental Resources Management Section
  • Anchor: #XVXDMVXU
  • Updated content in Section 4 Purchase of Service

Chapter 7 – Training

    Anchor: #UOFVXRGX
  • Rewritten to focus on TxDOT-offered training available to TxDOT staff and contractors


This revised manual supersedes prior versions of the manual.



For questions or comments, please contact Rodney Concienne, Section Director, Environmental Resources Management at (512) 416-3012 or email at



Past manual notices are available in a PDF archive.

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