Manual Notice: 2007-2

From: Dianna Noble, Director, Environmental Division

Manual: Hazardous Materials in Project Development Manual

Effective Date: September 01, 2007


This manual provides guidance on issues related to Hazardous Materials in Project Development. It provides procedures and practices related to Hazardous Materials in the functional areas of advanced planning and environmental documentation, right of way, design and construction.


This revision includes an updated name for the Texas Department of Health (now the Department of State Health Services) in Chapter 3, Section 2. It also includes an updated table in Chapter 7 for Hazardous Materials Recommended Training (Table 7-2).


Questions or comments concerning the information contained in this manual should be directed to Richard Goldsmith. Richard Goldsmith can be reached at ENV, (512) 416-2743, fax (512) 416-2319, or via GroupWise.


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