Chapter 1: Overview


Section 1: About This Manual

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This manual contains procedures to facilitate the development of projects involving historic bridges. These procedures minimize project delays by:

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  • Outlining procedures to be followed when potential projects impact historic bridges.
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  • Serving as a reference regarding the applicable laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines that have been put in place to ensure development of the most feasible and prudent project involving a historic bridge.
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  • Providing brief discussions on the funding programs the state uses or has used in working with historic bridges.
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Publication Date

Summary of Changes


October 2001

New manual.


January 2005

Revision updating information about Unified Transportation Program funding categories and authorization levels, adding information about the Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program-funded Historic Bridge Preservation Program, and correcting minor editorial errors.


March 2006

Revision updating the name of the federally funded Bridge Program and adding an index to the manual.


November 2013

Manual rewrite.


July 2017

Manual rewrite including reorganization, updates, and additional information. Updates include changes to NEPA review responsibilities and other updates to be consistent with current legislation. New information has been added regarding the Five Year Rule, hazardous materials agreements, and the Need and Purpose Statement.


March 2018

Editorial corrections to “Minimum Criteria to Support Continued Use by Vehicular Traffic Off-System” table and added statement indicating how detour lengths are calculated.

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Direct any questions or comments on the contents of this manual to the Director of the Bridge Division, Texas Department of Transportation.

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