Chapter 2: Regulations and Funding


Section 1: Overview

Federal and state statutes heed the importance of preserving significant elements of our cultural and engineering heritage. All projects affecting a historic bridge must be developed in accordance with these regulations in order to demonstrate effort to minimize harm to historic structures. The statutes outline requirements for developing the project including coordination with the public, coordination with state and federal agencies, analysis of preservation alternatives, evaluation of preservation methods, and marketing for bridges prior to demolition.

Other statutes provide guidance on funding for historic bridges for vehicular or adaptive use. Due to limitations in available funding and engineering challenges inherent to these unique structures, TxDOT works collaboratively and creatively with local, state, and federal partners to make prudent choices and implement processes that will maintain and preserve these important parts of our transportation heritage. The following sections discuss the federal and state regulations pertaining to developing and funding historic bridge projects.

NOTE: Funding for the preservation of a historic bridge that is deemed unsuitable for vehicular traffic is limited to the cost of demolition. In addition, any historic bridge preserved using federal funds for non-vehicular use is not eligible for any other federal funds. (MAP-21 Section 1111; 144 USC 23(g)(4)(B))

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