Chapter 9: Construction and Maintenance Guidelines

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Section 1: Overview

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This chapter addresses issues of concern to construction and maintenance personnel. Design personnel can also benefit from the information provided here.

Section 2, Review and Approval of Shop Drawings, primarily concerns construction personnel.

Section 3, Breakaway Light Poles, is of concern to both construction and maintenance personnel.

The remaining sections address maintenance issues.

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Consistency in the areas of illumination, electrical plans, project electrical inspection, and electrical maintenance is important. Districts can better achieve consistency if one person has specific control of all illumination and electrical plans and one or more inspectors specialize in illumination and electrical projects.

Chapter 1, Overview, of this manual recommends specific training and experience for TxDOT personnel involved with highway illumination.

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The Traffic Operations Division (TRF) is available to help with design, construction, maintenance, and training upon request. Districts should feel free to take advantage of their illumination and electrical systems expertise.

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