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Section 3: Group Relamping

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Group relamping involves the replacement of all lamps in an illumination system on a regular schedule. This period is known as the group relamping interval. Group relamping should be considered in the maintenance of existing non-LED illumination systems so as to better utilize TxDOT resources.

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Group relamping improves the illuminance level while possibly reducing the costs involved in operating the system. Several important elements determine the cost of maintaining an illumination system, including the cost of labor, equipment, and traffic control. Increased costs require TxDOT employees to seek innovative and less expensive ways to perform maintenance functions. Group relamping is an attractive alternative to spot replacement of lamps, because the costs for labor, traffic control, and equipment use are greatly reduced. Group relamping also lends itself well to contracting.

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Group relamping should be scheduled every three to five years. Group relamping should be planned in advance of the need for lamp replacement. Adequate traffic control, in accordance with the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD), should be provided to assist motorists around the work zone and to provide added safety for maintenance crews. Other maintenance functions such as ballast replacement, igniter (starter) replacement, or fixture replacement and cleaning should be accomplished during group relamping.

Prior to performing group relamping activities on a three to five year interval, a cost analysis should be performed to determine if LED luminaire head replacements may be more feasible. Considering the fact that LED luminaires are becoming more economically priced, last longer, and are cheaper to operate, it may be more feasible to replace the conventional heads with LED heads rather than relamping with conventional bulbs.

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Cleaning Luminaires

Cleaning of the luminaires, which involves wiping the dirt from reflectors and refractors, should be performed during group relamping. This periodic cleaning of the fixtures reduces the depreciation of light due to the accumulation of dirt and allows the delivery of more light per lighting dollar. Allowing the illumination system to provide more consistent illuminance throughout the life of the lamps provides the motorist with better visibility and TxDOT with a more cost efficient lighting system.

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