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Section 4: High Mast Lighting Inspection and Servicing

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Inspect high mast lighting poles and assemblies and provide proper preventive maintenance. The inspection and servicing routine outlined in this section should be performed every time the lamps are changed or the ring is lowered for any reason. Districts should lower the ring, inspect and maintain the high mast pole assembly, and clean the luminaires on a regular interval such as every three to five years, in addition to repairing as needed.

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Documentation (Inspection Form)

Personnel carrying out inspections of high mast lighting should document their findings using the Inspection Record for High Mast Lighting Pole Assembly form (TxDOT Form 1409) or a similar form. Districts must retain these completed inspection forms for the duration of the District’s inspection interval.

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Items to Inspect

The entire lighting assembly and pole should be inspected each time the ring is lowered for maintenance. Items to be checked and maintained during these inspections are listed on Form1409 in the form of a check list.


Replacing Fixtures

Replacement fixtures for high mast lighting must be obtained by special order. There are many different types of fixtures on the various high mast poles. Each fixture is selected based on critical photometrics. Each fixture must be replaced only with an exact equivalent.

Fixtures must be aimed and oriented in exactly the correct direction.

The fixture catalog number can be obtained from the fixture or from submittals made on the construction project. These submittals also show how to aim the fixture.

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Responsibility of Cities

High mast lighting assemblies under the maintenance responsibility of a city, should also be inspected and serviced as set forth in this section. This work may be performed by the city or its agent. When this inspection and servicing is performed by the city or its agent, districts should occasionally check that the work is performed correctly.

Districts should provide a copy of the submittals, and “as built” plans to cities that are maintaining high mast lighting.

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Further assistance with high mast lighting inspection and servicing may be obtained from TRF.

Construction and maintenance videos are available through TRF.

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