Manual Notice: 2003-1

From: Carlos A. Lopez, P.E.

Manual: Highway Illumination Manual

Effective Date: November 01, 2003


To establish and revise internal procedures and requirements necessary to implement TxDOT’s administrative rules on continuous and safety lighting systems as set forth in 43 TAC 25.11, and to provide information relevant to highway illumination.


This manual supersedes the Highway Illumination Volume of the Traffic Operations Manual issued under Manual Notice 95-1.


This manual represents a nearly complete revision of the superseded manual. Significant changes are as follows:

  • the expansion of the list of references to related literature (Chapter 1)
  • the addition of an entire chapter on the master lighting plan concept (Chapter 3)
  • Anchor: #i998462
  • the addition of a section on “Illumination Levels” (Chapter 6)
  • the addition of a section on “Glare and Sky Glow Issues” (Chapter 6)
  • the extensive revision of light pole spacing and mounting height guidelines (Chapter 6)
  • the removal of most metric measurement equivalents throughout the manual
  • the removal or revision of obsolete technical information throughout the manual.

Review History

General Counsel Review. The Office of General Counsel reviewed the draft version of this manual and found it legally sufficient for its intended purpose.

Audit Office Review. The Audit Office reviewed the draft version of this manual and offered many comments and suggestions, which we considered and incorporated as appropriate.

District and Division Review. Potential users in several districts and concerned divisions reviewed the draft versions of this manual. We received numerous comments and suggestions, which we considered and incorporated as appropriate.


Table of Contents

Chapters 1 through 9

Appendix A


Index (print version only)

13 labeled tab dividers (print version only)


Address questions concerning information contained in this manual to Karl Burkett of the Traffic Operations Division, 512-416-3121.

Copyright Notice

Copyright 2003 by Texas Department of Transportation.

Published by the Traffic Operations Division (TRF).


Past manual notices for the Highway Illumination Manual are available in a pdf archive.

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