Chapter 3: Master Lighting Plans

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Section 1: Overview

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The commitment to lighting roadway facilities is a large responsibility. A master lighting plan can help fulfill this responsibility by defining the direction and ultimate goal desired. This chapter provides general guidelines for implementing a master lighting plan when local authorities determine that such a plan is desirable for their community.

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A master lighting plan is a formal arrangement between local governments and other entities within a regional area to coordinate and standardize the design, operation, and maintenance of public lighting. Master lighting plans can include lighting curfews and modern electronic monitoring and control systems.

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The basic benefits of lighting include safety, beautification, and security for people and property. Additional benefits derived from a master lighting plan include:

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Plan Development

For more information on developing a master lighting plan, see Chapter 2, Master Lighting Plans, in the AASHTO Roadway Lighting Design Guide. The TxDOT Traffic Operations Division (TRF) can assist with the development of a master lighting plan.

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