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Section 2: Plan Development

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The master lighting plan development process should proceed as shown in the following table.

Anchor: #i1001347Master Lighting Plan Development Process

Step / Action

More Information


Contact the Traffic Operations Division (TRF)

TRF will assist in the development process.


Coordinate with other participants to set goals.

See following subheading for information on participants.

See Goals of a Master Lighting Plan, for information on goals.


Consult with and consider the concerns of various groups having a stake in public lighting.

See Groups Having Concerns about Lighting later in this section.


Conduct a study to justify and determine the feasibility of the planned strategies.

See Lighting Curfews, for details on lighting curfews.

See Electrical and Lighting Management Systems for details on electrical and lighting management systems.

See Conducting Studies, for details.

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The master lighting plan approach is a regional concept involving the following entities:

  • TxDOT
  • city
  • county
  • police
  • traffic management centers or district offices
  • fire, EMS, and other emergency agencies
  • tunnel operators
  • chambers of commerce (event coordination)
  • parks (bike and pedestrian trails, fireworks, sports fields, etc.)
  • the Federal Aviation Administration (near airports)
  • the Coast Guard (near waterways).

Officials of these organizations should coordinate all publicly owned lighting systems by setting joint goals and laying out plans to achieve those goals.

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Groups Having Concerns about Lighting

In addition to the participating entities, other groups will have concerns related to public lighting, and their concerns should be considered. These groups may include:

  • citizens and property owners (some want a lot of lighting, some want none)
  • retailers and other business
  • tourists
  • visitors
  • parks and sports facilities (including spectator sports and participant sports such as driving ranges and softball).
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