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Section 2: Responsibilities

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This section outlines the responsibilities of TxDOT divisions and districts regarding highway illumination.

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Traffic Operations Division

The Traffic Operations Division (TRF):

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  • prepares policies, procedures, and standards for electrical and illumination systems
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  • develops and maintains standard lighting agreement forms
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  • reviews and processes plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for electrical and illumination projects
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  • assists districts with design, construction, and maintenance problems associated with electrical and illumination systems
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  • reviews and prequalifies Roadway Illumination and Electrical Supplies for the Material Producers List (MPL)
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  • conducts electrical and illumination design training
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  • reviews lighting and electrical field changes
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  • assists districts with luminaire pole shop drawings and submittal review of electrical and illumination projects
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  • writes specifications for warehouse stock and for purchase requisitions for lighting equipment.
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  • oversees and develops electrical and illumination training classes
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  • oversees Electrical Review Team (ERT) contract
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  • oversees sampling and testing of luminaires.
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Bridge Division

The TxDOT Bridge Division (BRG) reviews and approves shop drawings for nonstandard luminaire poles.

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TxDOT Districts:

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  • initiate, process, and retain lighting agreements with cities and counties when necessary
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  • review and approve shop drawings for standard illumination projects
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  • design lighting and electrical projects
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  • ensure local government compliance with lighting agreements
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  • construct electrical and illumination projects in accordance with plans
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  • maintain electrical and illumination systems
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  • operate electrical and illumination systems
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  • ensure that standard designs are compatible with and applicable to plans
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  • prepare and submit “Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration” (FAA 7460-1) to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as stated in the PS&E Preparation Manual. The TxDOT Design Division (DES) also forwards submission and clearance paperwork to the districts. These FAA requirements are found in Advisory Circular AC 70/7460-1L, “Obstruction Marking and Lighting.”
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