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Section 2: Review and Approval of Shop Drawings

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District Review and Approval

Shop drawings for conventional light poles may be reviewed and approved at the district level for both:

  • contract projects (except high mast) and
  • district-originated purchase requisitions.

TRF assists with the review of any illumination or electrical submittals when requested by a district.

TRF coordinates with the Bridge Division (BRG) to review shop drawings for roadway illumination poles.

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For Purchase Requisition

Suppliers must submit shop drawings for lighting poles on purchase requisition for general warehouse stock to the General Services Division (GSD) for the review and approval of TRF.

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Breakaway Poles

For breakaway poles, manufacturers are required to submit shop drawings with the structural strength test results and the breakaway certification. Districts wishing to have breakaway pole and transformer base designs reviewed, may send the shop drawings to TRF.

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High Mast Lighting

BRG reviews and approves high mast pole shop drawings. TRF reviews and approves drawings of high mast assemblies. Contractors should submit shop drawings for these items accordingly, unless otherwise shown on the plans. Districts desiring to review drawings themselves, may include a general note in the plans to that effect. However, due to the complicated and critical nature of high mast assemblies, it is recommended that TRF review these shop drawings.

Contractors should direct the brochure submittal required by Standard Specification Item 614 and other submittals pertaining to electrical matters to TRF for review and approval.

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Copies to Materials and Tests Section

The Construction Division’s (CST) Materials and Tests Section performs shop inspections. Therefore, the division or office approving shop drawings for lighting poles and assemblies must forward two copies of all approved shop drawings to the CST Materials and Tests Section.

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Marking of Shop Drawings

Shop drawings should be marked as “approved” or “approved except as noted” or “returned for correction.” Approval marking should be on the drawing itself instead of only by an accompanying letter.

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