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Section 3: Safety Lighting

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TxDOT bears the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance of safety lighting at interchanges, highway intersections, and points of nighttime hazard in both urban and rural areas, as traffic needs dictate.

If the safety lighting is within a municipality, TxDOT must enter into an agreement with the city. The type of agreement depends on whether TxDOT will maintain the system directly or contract with the city for maintenance.

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Two Types of Agreements

There are two types of safety lighting agreements, both titled “Agreement for Construction, Maintenance and Operation of Safety Lighting Systems Within Municipalities.” They are distinguished as shown in the following table.

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Used When…

Blanket (SM, CP)

TxDOT maintains the system and contracts for power (blanket agreement).

Blanket (City, M & P)

TxDOT contracts with the city for both maintenance and power (blanket agreement).

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