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Section 5: Systems Financed, Installed, and Operated by Other Agencies

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TxDOT Policy

Local governments may finance, install, and operate illumination systems on a highway not lighted by TxDOT.

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TxDOT will cooperate with local governments in the consideration of such illumination systems. TxDOT personnel may assist and advise in the planning and design of such systems when requested by a local government.

Roadway lighting systems installed by local governments on a segment of the state highway system must meet all safety-related requirements under federal and state law and TxDOT functional manuals.

Local governments must obtain the approval of the state for all proposals to install illumination on a state highway. These proposals should be reviewed by TxDOT for compliance with pole placement guidelines and the National Electric Code. Such installations must be in accordance with municipal maintenance agreements, if applicable, and in some cases, the local government must obtain a utility permit from the district.

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