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Section 8: Developments Connecting into TxDOT Hydraulic Structures

Drainage related issues are covered in the 43 TAC, Part 1, Chapter 15, Subchapter E. See Section 3 for more details.

TxDOT does not allow private or municipal connection to TxDOT storm drainage facilities without approval. Requests are submitted to the DHE and must be supported by full hydrologic and hydraulic analyses comparing existing and proposed conditions.

When a request is received by TxDOT, the DHE or DHE’s representative will verify the applicant’s existing conditions runoff computations and consider available increased flow, if any, for which the facility was designed. The DHE will use this information to determine how much if any additional flow may be received, at what design Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP), and whether by overland flow or direct connection. Once an acceptable design AEP flow rate is determined, the requestor is required to prepare plan sheets conforming to the TxDOT requirements and containing the required detail. TxDOT will review the engineering drawings for completeness and compliance, and approves the request after comments are addressed.

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