Chapter 3: Processes and Procedures in TxDOT Hydrologic and Hydraulic Activities

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Section 1: Overview

The nature and scope of hydraulic analysis and design work varies depending on the type of project being undertaken and on the hydrologic/hydraulic (H&H) setting of the project. Projects that consist of repair or minor alteration without change to the roadway profile may only require cursory examination for hydraulic effects. An overlay project may or may not require a full H&H analysis, depending on surrounding factors. A project with a bridge or culvert replacement may require different H&H inputs than a culvert extension or a bridge modification. All of the above project types differ from an urban street project with curb, gutter and storm drain. This chapter provides a general discussion on establishing the appropriate scope of hydraulic activities for the overall project and for various phases within a project. It also describes the required deliverables for a variety of project types.

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