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Section 7: Responding to Drainage Complaints

Drainage complaints should be dealt with promptly and in an unbiased manner. The following steps are presented to help TxDOT to obtain a thorough understanding of the basis of an individual complaint and assure the appropriate action is taken.

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  1. Office receiving the complaint must acknowledge the complaint within one day if possible. Individuals do not register complaints with only a casual interest in their outcome. Timely acknowledgement is indispensable.
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  3. Office receiving the complaint must notify or forward the complaint to the District Hydraulics Engineer within 1 day of receipt.
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  5. The DHE or District must notify DES-HYD of the complaint.
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  7. District must notify Office of General Counsel (OGC) if litigation is filed or threatened.
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  9. District must investigate the facts. Clearly determine the basis for the complaint, including the extent of flooding, complainant’s opinion of what caused the flooding, description of alleged damages, and dates, times, and duration of flooding. Relate the history of other grievances at the site. DES-HYD should be called for technical assistance if necessary.
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    1. Visit the site as soon as possible after receiving complaint
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    3. Talk to the complainants
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    5. Take photographs
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    7. Take measurements
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    9. Prepare notes from the site visit and investigation
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    11. Locate and obtain as-built plans from latest and all applicable projects
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    13. Obtain accurate GIS files if available
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    15. Locate and obtain applicable hydrology and hydraulics reports
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  11. District must determine an appropriate course of action. Analyze the facts and decide what action to take to relieve the problem, regardless of who has responsibility for the remedy. Make conclusions and recommendations, describe the contributing factors leading to the alleged flood damage, and specify feasible remedies. Keep DES-HYD informed of the progress and developments.
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  13. District must prepare and file documentation. Ensure a file documenting the complaint, response and resolution is maintained.
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