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Section 4: Bridge Management System

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PonTex is a bridge inspection data management system which was developed in-house by TxDOT. It features a web-enabled, role-based relational database structure, and was designed to replace the BRINSAP legacy mainframe system which has been in service for decades. Major improvements over BRINSAP include the ability to directly populate the database with elemental inspection data, up-front data validations before an inspection can be submitted for approval, electronic storage of all inspection documentation, and complete audit records for all data entries. Another advantage of PonTex is that it makes all bridge inspection and inventory data readily available to all end users of the data through the applications itself, or through a link to the relational database used to store the data.

TxDOT first began implementing PonTex in the Odessa District in February of 2009. Additional Districts were brought online with PonTex according to routine inspection cycles across the state. All Districts are now utilizing this system to record inspection and inventory information. PonTex will assist in the performance of complex bridge management tasks by providing all inventory and inspection data in a single relational database, to be used as the front-end for modeling and performance prediction scenarios within software systems such as PONTIS, the bridge management system which is being developed under the guidance of AASHTO.

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