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Section 6: The Bridge Record

The following files should be saved within the Bridge Inspection Management System for each bridge asset:

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  1. Location map with bridge highlighted
  2. Anchor: #SDRBFDEB
  3. All current inspection photos (including deterioration photos)
  4. Anchor: #EOBUTWXY
  5. All other photos from previous inspections in chronological order
  6. Anchor: #JTNBIBDY
  7. Bridge Summary Sheet (off-system)
  8. Anchor: #TGCMWNEK
  9. Bridge Inspection Follow-Up Action Worksheet (on-system)
  10. Anchor: #GPFPXDQS
  11. Bridge Inspection Record
  12. Anchor: #RHRBCJTE
  13. Current Load Rating Calculations (or copies of design plans and/or indexing information)
  14. Anchor: #QTAPQXNR
  15. Bridge Inventory Record (must include detailed sketch if plans are not in file), and Revision to Bridge Inventory Record form (if applicable)
  16. Anchor: #ROJJPCTO
  17. Underclearance Sketch (if applicable)
  18. Anchor: #YNLNCMWE
  19. Channel Cross-Section Measurements (if applicable)
  20. Anchor: #YGWPAJII
  21. Channel Cross-Section Sketch (if applicable)
  22. Anchor: #GXCBEUDT
  23. Secondary Scour Screening Form (if applicable)
  24. Anchor: #ABPYUQXX
  25. Form 113.1 (previously completed if applicable)
  26. Anchor: #VATPAWLW
  27. Any scour-related reports/documents (or indexing information, if applicable)
  28. Anchor: #QJPCCIBL
  29. All scour photos
  30. Anchor: #DLWHTTST
  31. Elemental Data Report (field forms are not required)
  32. Anchor: #OTIIDGGA
  33. Special Inspection Records and Reports (Underwater Inspection, Fracture Critical Inspection, etc.)
  34. Anchor: #MWGRPFUG
  35. Bridge Structural Condition History Sheet
  36. Anchor: #QAQSIIOU
  37. Previous inspections and all attachments in chronological order
  38. Anchor: #IKNGGVLN
  39. Final Bridge Plans (as-builts)

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