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Section 6: Data Submittal

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General Data Submittal Requirements

Provide monthly submissions of files unless otherwise directed by the District Bridge Inspection Office. Bridge folders (hardcopy documentation) may be submitted to the District Bridge Inspection Office by mail or delivered in person.

Bridge Folders prepared by TxDOT personnel must be documented, signed, sealed, and dated in the same format as herein described.

All data included in the Bridge Folder are prepared to meet the requirements given in the various controlling regulations given in Appendix A. An important portion of Section 650.315 (b), (c), and (d) of the Code of Federal Regulations requires that updates to the electronic Bridge Inventory File be made within 90 days for on-system bridges and 180 days for off-system bridges. This includes updating inspection findings, adding new bridges to the inventory, documenting modifications to existing bridges, and making changes to the status of bridges (load posting changes and closures).

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Provide photo documentation using digital photographs having a resolution of 1200 x 1800 (2.1 megapixels). The photos must be true aspect prints with a minimum dimension of 4" on the short side. Present the photos on 8 ½ in. x 11 in. paper, with 2 photos per page. Include a caption noting the direction, location, and description of each photo. Import the photo documentation into PonTex.

Include the following photographs in each bridge file (minimum):

  • Roadway View. Photograph along the centerline of roadway showing a view of the bridge as seen from the roadway. If the bridge is load restricted, take a photograph from each approach along centerline of roadway showing a view of the bridge as seen from the roadway. The photograph must be taken from a point of reference that includes the weight limit signs that are present, damaged, or missing. Weight limit signs must be legible in any photos that are taken.
  • Elevation View. Photograph the bridge showing the overall length. (It may be impossible to show the entire structure length on long structures. In these cases, use an oblique angle at a further distance to attempt to capture an overall picture. Do not submit multiple pages of photographs attempting to show every part of a long structure.)
  • Underside View. Photograph the bridge showing the type of superstructure and typical condition. (Bridges with several types of superstructures will require additional photographs.) The underside photo of the superstructure is not required for box culvert structures.
  • Stream or Roadway below the Bridge. Photograph the bridge from below showing the stream or roadway as it passes under the bridge. The photos of the stream should show evidence of scour if applicable.
  • Upstream and Downstream Channel View. Photograph the condition of the channel upstream and downstream of the bridge. Take these photos from the bridge.
  • Detail Photographs for Component Ratings of 4 or less. Photograph in detail all components rated 4 or less on the Bridge Inspection Record. Note details of the component rating on the photograph caption.
  • Photographs of Recommended Immediate Maintenance Needs. Photograph previously un-photographed recommended maintenance needs that should be performed immediately.
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Presentation of Documents

Ensure that all inspection results submitted to the District Bridge Inspection Coordinator are typed, using the current versions of the electronic forms where applicable, and are of such quality that legible reproductions can be made on a typical office copy machine. Provide the State with the following information, in list format, at the end of the Work Authorization. Include in the list format the facility carried, as well as the NBI number.

  • A list of bridges recommended for special inspections. Include only bridges to be added to the District's current fracture critical or underwater list. All current fracture critical and underwater (requiring scuba diver) bridges should be previously coded. Send a copy of this list to the Bridge Division Inspection Branch.
  • A list of all bridges that the condition rating has lowered to a 4 or less. Include any bridge with a rating of 4 or less, which is not currently rated a 4 or less, or less on any component on the Bridge Inspection Record.
  • A list of all bridges requiring changes in operational status. Include the bridges that do not meet State Load Posting Policy and require load restrictions. Sort and group these bridges by local jurisdiction if not on-system bridges.
  • A list of all recommended changes in vertical clearance signs. (off-system only)
  • A list of bridges with missing or inaccurate coordinates. Include new coordinates collected by a hand held GPS unit and provide them in a decimal format. Sub-meter, differentially corrected data is not required. Send a copy of this list to the Bridge Division Inspection Branch.
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On-System Data

Submit one original file for each on-system bridge, using a six-sided folder. Incorporate the order of the various forms within the file uniformly in all Districts, as shown below, with no exceptions. Include the originals of all documents and photographs. Duplicate folders are no longer required and should not be submitted.

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Off-System Data

Submit one (1) set of original files and (1) set of summary packages for each off-system bridge. Relate the items to be included in the summary package to each local jurisdiction as detailed below. Summarize the bridge conditions, load posting requirements, and needed maintenance repairs of all bridges within that jurisdiction. Duplicate folders are no longer required and should not be submitted.

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Summary Packages

Prepare a standard Off-system Summary Package (one copy) for each jurisdiction (e.g. each city, county, precinct, contact point, etc., as agreed upon with the District Bridge Inspection Office). The packages are intended to be summary reports for bridge inspection findings, maintenance items needed, and load posting requirements. Assemble the package in either a six-sided folder or a three-ring binder and transmit it to the District Bridge Inspection Office.

The format will be designated by the District Bridge Inspection Office and forwarded to the owning jurisdiction by the State. Include the following for each bridge in this summary package "book":

  • Color copies of photos
  • Bridge Inspection Record
  • Bridge Summary Sheet
  • Summary of Needed Load Posting Materials
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Scour Records and Reports

Many bridges are susceptible to scour of the foundations and abutments from flowing water. These bridges are screened and classified for their potential for scour. Various scour reports, calculations, and photos are necessary to document the scour potential. Include the scour information directly in the Bridge Record, or cross-reference the location of external scour files in the Bridge Record if the scour data is extensive. If there is extensive scour data, cross-reference the location of external scour files in the Bridge Folder. The District Bridge Inspection Coordinator will determine the amount of scour documents to be included with each Bridge Folder. Add any pertinent scour documentation to PonTex.

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