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Section 8: File Security

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Transferring Information to Local Bridge Owners

Bridge inspection files must be securely transferred to local government bridge owners. Acceptable methods to transfer bridge inspection files are to Drobox password protected zip files or password protected jump drives. District Bridge Inspection Coordinators shall retain records of transmittal and record of receipt of bridge inspection files. Drobox sends notification emails that files have been “picked up”. Saving this message will suffice for proof of transfer. Thumb drives can by physically signed for when handed over. If mailed, that should be done with certified mail as proof of delivery from the Post Office or other carriers with signature-required delivery.

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Securing Hard Copy Bridge Inspection Files

All Bridge Inspection files are to be securely stored with limited access. Acceptable methods for securing files are to keep locked in cabinets or kept in rooms with limited access. Bridge inspection files at individuals' workstations shall be secured in locked drawers when not in use. Inspectors must take measures to ensure files remain secure while in the field and in transit.

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Disposing of Hard Copies

Any destruction of hard copies should be done in a secure manner such as shredding. All destruction shall be in accordance with TxDOT Document Retention Policy. It is noted that the official copy of bridge inspection information resides electronically in the Bridge Inspection Management System. As historical hard copies are scanned and uploaded to the System the destruction of hard copies must only occur after the electronic copies are verified to be in place in the System. The document retention requirement for Bridge Inspection Information is the Life of the Asset plus 3 years. If hard copies are scanned, uploaded, and verified, the historical copies can be destroyed without waiting since the official copies are in the System. Refer any questions on this policy to the Bridge Inspection Program Manager.

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