Section 6: In-Depth Inspections

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Reasons for In-Depth Inspections

In-Depth Inspections are supplementary and limited in nature. They are used to identify deficiencies not easily detected by routine means and methods. Specialized equipment might be required for access or material investigation. These inspections do not satisfy the NBIS requirements of routine, underwater, nor fracture critical inspections. These are usually planned, recurring inspections addressing specific features but can be performed as a follow-up to other types of inspection.

Examples of In-Depth Inspections are:

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  1. Ultrasonic Testing performed on hanger assemblies of a multi-girder bridge every 5 years.
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  3. Inspection of the grouting ducts in precast, post-tensioned segmental box beam bridge performed every 10 years.
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  5. Closing of the roadway on a bridge to allow for a chain-drag inspection of the deck performed every other year, off the routine cycle.

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