Chapter 1: Introduction


Section 1: About this Manual

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This manual provides guidance for bridge inspection personnel, provides a reference for consultants, and helps to ensure consistency in bridge inspection, rating, and evaluation.

Anchor: #i999090Manual Revision History


Publication Date

Summary of Changes


December 2001

New manual.


July 2002

Revision adding updated information on bridge load-posting changes and updating references to electronic forms.


April 2006

Revision adding an index.


August 2011

Minor editorial revisions to each chapter are not highlighted. Citations to the most current editions of reference materials have been updated but are not highlighted.

Revisions to Chapter 2 updating the status of current relevant publications; updating Chapter 3 regarding the titles of current job series and consultant evaluation criteria; updating fracture critical inspection frequency in Chapter 4; updating information on bridge load-posting in Chapter 5; and adding Chapter 9 regarding the Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program.

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Direct any questions or comments on the content of the manual to the Director of the Bridge Division, Texas Department of Transportation.

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Throughout this manual, the period is omitted from abbreviations that are obvious to the engineering reader, such as "ft " for feet, "Fig " for Figure, "Ref " for Reference, and "lbs " for pounds. Only abbreviations that may be misinterpreted have the period, such as "in. " for inch or inches, and "No. " for number.



Throughout the manual many names of items, subjects, and processes are capitalized such as Special Inspection, Condition Rating, Bridge Records, etc. These are considered to be proper names and the convention conforms to the current AASHTO Manual for Condition Evaluation of Structures1 and with other AASHTO and bridge-related engineering publications.

1. Manual for Condition Evaluation of Structures, AASHTO, 1994

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