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Section 7: Open Records Requests

TxDOT Open Records Coordinators, District Bridge Engineers, or other staff may contact the Bridge Division Open Records Coordinator for all Open Records Requests related to bridges.

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Bridge Inspection Reports

Bridge inspection reports and other bridge inspection documentation are confidential under the Texas Homeland Security Act and 23 USC Section 409, Safety Sensitive Information. Bridge Inspection documentation includes items such as inspection reports, inspection photo reports, follow up actions, load rating, and scour evaluation.

In some cases, open records requests may require input from the General Counsel Division (GCD) and the Attorney General. When involving GCD to request an Attorney General review to withhold information, the request must be sent to GCD within 10 business days of when the request was received.

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List of Inspection Consultants

The list of current inspection consultants is available for release. Contact the Bridge Division Open Records Coordinator to obtain the most current list.

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