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Section 7: The Bridge Folder

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Folder Information (for on- and off-system bridges)

Keep the original records, sketches, plans if available, and latest information on each bridge on the Texas highway system are kept in a consistent and regular manner. Historically this information was kept in hardcopy format. With the introduction of the bridge data management system PonTex, this information is now stored in electronic format as well. Make every effort to include all bridge related data in the PonTex system so that eventually hardcopy versions of bridge inventory and inspection data can be eliminated. Until eliminated, organize hardcopy folders as indicated below.

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Folder Assembly

Use a folder with three (3) dividers and six (6) sides to which documents can be fastened, beginning with the inside surface of the front cover (side 1) and ending with the inside surface of the back cover (side 6). Reflect the most current bridge designation information on the file label in the format established by the district. Items are listed in a top to bottom order. Make the order identical in all districts.

Side 1


1.) Location Map with bridge highlighted

2.) All current inspection photos (including deterioration photos)

3.) All other photos from previous inspections in chronological order

Side 2


4.) Bridge Summary Sheet (off-system)

5.) Bridge Inspection Follow-Up Action Worksheet (on-system)

6.) Bridge Inspection Record

7.) Current Load Rating Calculations (or copies of design plans and/or indexing information)

8.) Bridge Inventory Record (must include detailed sketch if plans are not in file), and Revision to Bridge Inventory Record form (if applicable)

Side 3


9.) Underclearance Sketch (if applicable)

10.) Channel Cross-Section Measurements (if applicable)

11.) Channel Cross-Section Sketch (if applicable)

Side 4


12.) NBI Sheet

13.) Secondary Scour Screening Form (if applicable)

14.) Form 113.1 (previously completed if applicable)

15.) Any scour-related reports/documents (or indexing information, if applicable)

16.) All scour photos

Side 5


17.) Elemental Data Detail Listing Report(field forms are not required)

18.) Special Inspection Records and Reports (Underwater Inspection, Fracture Critical Inspection, etc)

Side 6


19.) Bridge Structural Condition History Sheet

20.) Previous inspections and all attachments in chronological order

21.) Plans

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