Section 2: TxDOT Bridge Inspection Personnel

The following subsections briefly describe each TxDOT job position. Greater detail is given in the Human Resources Manual describing the various positions. TxDOT bridge inspection personnel must have the appropriate job classification, experience, and training.

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Bridge Inspection Program Manager

This person heads the Bridge Inspection Branch of the Bridge Division. Under the general direction of the Director of the Bridge Division, the position has statewide responsibility for the Texas bridge inspection operations.

All the bridge inspection activities for Texas are under the general oversight of this position and includes major items such as:

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  • Oversee and maintain the Bridge Inspection Program in the Bridge Division and assist districts with bridge inspection-related matters.
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  • Coordinate fracture critical, underwater, and routine bridge inspection programs for on-system and off-system structures.
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  • Develop standards in conjunction with TxDOT divisions and districts and the Federal Highway Administration and ensure compliance with National Bridge Inspection Standards.
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  • Perform, review, and monitor detailed investigations, data collection, analyses and coordination of bridge related research, and recommend cost effective project level design for new, rehabilitated and reconstructed bridges.
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  • Prepare, evaluate, and perform final reviews of, contracts with consultants for routine, fracture critical and underwater inspections of bridges.
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  • Monitor consultants' progress and work quality; check invoices and associated documents; prepare supplemental agreements.
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  • Schedule, assign, and oversee bridge inspection activities.
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  • Oversee and perform bridge structural evaluations/analyses of structures; inspect bridges that have low appraisal and condition ratings or are recommended for closure.
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  • Determine and monitor the load carrying capacities of bridges.
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  • Maintain a list of bridges with critical inspection findings and coordinate with other Bridge Division staff, area engineers, and other district staff on such findings involving state-maintained bridges to have them posted for load, repaired, or closed.
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  • Recommend replacement, rehabilitation or repair of damaged bridges and coordinate with local officials on critical inspection findings involving structures not under state jurisdiction, to have them posted for load, repaired, or closed.
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  • Perform inspections on large, unusual, or complex structures as requested, including in response to emergencies.
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  • Recommend prioritization of bridge replacement, bridge rehabilitation, and repair of damaged bridges.
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  • Review contract development and related documents for execution.
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  • Oversee the processing and review of consultant selection documentation, contracts, and related documents.
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  • Interpret laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to professional services contracting to ensure compliance with department and governmental regulations.
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  • Chair or serve as a member of a contract selection team.
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  • Negotiate fees and budgets; develop and negotiate scopes of work; negotiate contract work schedules; and negotiate other contract agreements.
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  • Monitor contract performance; evaluate contract deliverables; review billing documentation; monitor consultants’ compliance with contract terms; and prepare and deliver a written evaluation of consultants’ performance.
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  • Serve as a project manager overseeing consultants performing advanced and complex engineering work.
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Qualified Team Leaders - District Bridge Inspection Coordinators or Bridge Inspection Specialists in a District or Division

The TxDOT personnel assigned to these positions are directly responsible for bridge inspection operations within the division or district. Under general guidance from the Bridge Inspection Program Manager or from the District Engineer, they perform a variety of tasks. If the individual filling the District Bridge Inspection Coordinator position is not an engineer, then they must meet the minimum requirements of a Bridge Inspection Specialist.

Some of the major bridge inspection responsibilities and duties of this position may include:

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  • Implement and monitor the bridge inspection program in a district.
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  • Maintain and review files which indicate the condition of the bridge inventory and document compliance with bridge inspection policies.
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  • Inspect and appraise bridge structures according to the FHWA Bridge Inspector’s Reference Manual and the TxDOT Bridge Inspection Manual.
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  • Coordinate the bridge load-posting program in the district
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  • Performs structural analysis and calculations on structures to certify load-carrying capacity.
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  • Conduct immediate inspection of damaged bridges, determine necessity of temporary or permanent repairs and notify maintenance personnel; make recommendations to close bridges.
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  • Implement and prepare Bridge Maintenance Program for a district.
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  • Prepare bridge inspection follow-up action worksheet for maintenance and give instructions for recommended actions.
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  • Monitor follow-up actions taken by maintenance.
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  • Work with county officials to load post, repair, or close bridges under the county's jurisdiction.
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  • Work with design and construction personnel on new construction projects to determine new structures to be added to the National Bridge Inventory.
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  • Determine extent of deterioration as the basis for planning bridge replacement and rehabilitation programs.
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  • Prepare and analyze summaries of bridge inspection data.
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  • Monitor inspection contract work authorization performance; evaluate deliverables; review billing documentation; monitor the consultant compliance with the terms of the contract; and evaluate the consultants’ performance.
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  • Perform fracture-critical bridge member inspections.
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  • Maintain bridge inspection and diving equipment.
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  • Research plan sets for use in underwater, fracture-critical, and routine bridge inspections.
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  • Perform underwater bridge inspection requiring diving.
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  • Ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
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  • Perform Quality Control reviews on the work performed by consultants and other TxDOT staff.
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Other Bridge Inspection Specialists

These TxDOT engineering technicians perform many of the bridge inspection tasks within the division or a district under direct supervision of the Bridge Inspection Program Manager, the District Bridge Inspection Coordinator, or the District Bridge Engineer. Duties are identical to those of the Qualified Team Leaders but are generally performed more in a support role. After sufficient experience is gained and these Specialist become Qualified Team Leaders they will then lead the work of other, less experienced staff.

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