Chapter 4: Information Protection


Section 1: Information Protection Policy

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Policy Statement

TxDOT’s Information Protection Policy ensures a balance between using information and protecting its quality and integrity to allow for the optimization, maintenance, and disposition throughout the informations’ lifetime. The intent of the policy is to protect information assets, regardless of their location (either on premises or as cloud-based services) or its state (at rest or in processing).



The Information Protection Policy has five objectives to guard its information from accidental or purposeful corruption or other misuse. The objectives of this policy are to:

  • classify data
  • encrypt data
  • use digital signatures safely
  • safeguard privacy
  • ensure system and information integrity

Each of these topics is discussed in the following sections of this chapter. The explanations provide a brief introduction of the topic, lists the minimum protocol TxDOT must follow, and assigns the responsibility for the work.

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