Chapter 2: Security Awareness


Section 1: Security Awareness Policy

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Policy Statement

TxDOT’s Security Awareness Policy is to foster an environment where individuals can make knowledgeable decisions to keep information secure and to protect the data and systems TxDOT uses. The intent of the policy is to increase attention to potential threats, enabling TxDOT’s workforce—permanent, temporary, and contracts—to avoid behavior that could put agency information and systems at risk.

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The five objectives of the Security Awareness policy are to:

  • improve the use of passwords including
    • their complexity
    • frequency of change
    • confidentiality
    • reporting of compromised passwords
  • incorporate planning for security measures in projects
  • purchase necessary components and services to safeguard information assets
  • use information resources wisely
  • create a security awareness and training program.

Each of these objectives is discussed in the following sections of this chapter. Each section provides a brief introduction of the objective, discusses the minimum protocol TxDOT must follow, and assigns responsibility for the required work.

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