Chapter 2: Assessment, Planning, and Design

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Section 1: Overview

This chapter contains the following sections:

The overall planning process for landscape and aesthetic design employs a variety of tools and techniques to guide the process. This chapter reviews three of these elements essential to the planning process.

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  • Section 2 of this chapter explains a Landscape and Aesthetics Assessment (LAA), which identifies issues associated with a specific project. The LAA provides planners with a means of estimating development costs and gathering information that will assist in determining choices appropriate to the specific project. The assessment results in a statement useful in both recording and communicating project issues and recommendations.
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  • Section 3 discusses a Landscape and Aesthetics Master Plan (LAMP), which builds on the LAA to coordinate project decisions, control project complexity, estimate costs, and ensure sustainability. The final LAMP contains palettes which provide guidance on materials, colors, finishes, signage and fixtures, and structural choices.
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  • Section 4 provides recommendations and guidelines for developing a Landscape Design, which determines and records specific landscape and aesthetic approaches and choices for a project.
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