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Section 3: Elevated Driving Lanes

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Elevated driving lanes are becoming more prevalent in developed urban centers. The first uses of elevated driving lanes were to carry freeways across closely spaced street level intersections. More recently elevated structures are being used to increase the number of lanes inside existing rights-of-way when additional right-of-way is cost prohibitive.

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Reasons for Community Resistance

The addition of elevated lanes has met with considerable resistance in many urban centers. In practically all cases objections relate issues of aesthetics. The most common concerns cited in relation to elevated rights-of-way are:

Many of these concerns are difficult to solve but they can usually be resolved using a team design approach involving the stakeholders. The community and the designers must be involved very early in the design process and dialog must continue through final design.

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Aesthetic Design Considerations

Some important design considerations for elevated driving lanes include:

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  • To minimize the dominant scale of the elevated structures, select colors and materials that do not contrast with the immediate environs. Use similar materials where possible.
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  • Use colors and materials that will not show weather and water stains.
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  • Use more intense colors on areas of structure that will be in predominant shade to brighten areas below the structure.
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  • Incorporate lighting, graphics, signage, and other information devices into the structure. For example, street names can become part of the structure rather than being posted on posts. Making these elements part of the structure reduces visual clutter. Considering aesthetic appeal in signals and signage results in attractive intersection design, as shown in Figure 5-3.
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  • Be sure that drainage from upper level is properly controlled.
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  • To the extent possible maintain views to business properties and screen objectionable views.

Because of their visibility, attractive
signals and signage have a positive influence on overall design. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i999443grtop

Figure 5-3. Because of their visibility, attractive signals and signage have a positive influence on overall design.

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